Terms & Conditions

To use bambooqing and its services, you must agree on the following Terms of Use/Terms and Conditions:

1. Eligibility

All eligible travelers may apply for a valid Visa, ETA Visa or e-Visitor Visa prior entering the corresponding territory they intend to travel to. For this we are implementing a simplified process, a verification of data being entered (field by field), data analysis and verification by ours operators of consistency of the data. Rectification of data after making contact with the passenger by phone or email in the case of erroneous data. Submit on behalf of the traveler’s Visa application. Check on behalf of the traveler status of its application for authorization is approved, not approved, or pending. When purchasing the service, any questions regarding the data to submit, is to formulate via our contact page.

2. Definitions

Welcome to bambooqing. By utilizing bambooqing and its services, operations, solutions, and related sites, you acknowledge and comply with the ensuing terms of use for this site.

This agreement is active upon consent by users of bambooqing. You may only use the tools and solutions offered on this site if you have read the terms, accepted all of its parameters, and agreed to oblige to the stipulations of this agreement. An indication of accepting these terms occurs when checking the checkbox "I have read, understand and accept the Terms of Use" or signing-up for a bambooqing account. If you choose to not accept each and every term and condition of this agreement, then you do not have permission to use the site.

This User Agreement will continue in full effort until abolished. bambooqing retains the right, in its lone discretion and without note, regardless of the time or reason, to: (a) remove or debilitate access to the entire or any section of the site; (b) suspend your entry to or operation of the entire or any section of the site; and (c) discontinue this Agreement.

3. General

This User Agreement and any additional legal directives displayed by bambooqing on the site, will establish the entire accord between you and bambooqing regarding its Service.

No relinquishment of any condition of this Agreement will be allowed an additional or continuing relinquishment of such condition or any other condition, and bambooqing’s failure to affirm any right or arrangement under this agreement will not constitute a relinquishment of such right or arrangement. Any relinquishment of any arrangement of the terms will be allowed to stand only if produced in writing and acknowledged in signature by bambooqing.

bambooqing retains the right to alter this Agreement at its prudence at any time and without warning, and it is your obligation to review this Agreement for any updates. When we make edits, we will change the date updated at the beginning of the Agreement.

Any edits will be effective instantly upon uploading to the site. Your resumed use of the site after the uploaded changes will establish your acceptance of these changes. We recommend you to inspect the Agreement every time you visit our site.

The site is regulated and provided by bambooqing from its locations in China. bambooqing makes no portrayals that the site is applicable or accessible for use in different locations. If you choose to use or view the site from alternative jurisdictions, you do so at your own discretion and are culpable for consent with local law.

The titles of the Categories in this Agreement exist strictly for convenience and are not to be interpreted to restrict or otherwise influence the stipulations of this Agreement.

If any passage in these Site Terms is deemed to be void, wherever available this will not influence any other passage and each will continue in full force and implementation.

Any privileges not purposely granted in this Agreement are restricted.

4. Scope

This Agreement clarifies the conditions of use for bambooqing’s site. By accepting this Agreement, you acknowledge that this Agreement will be in effect whenever you use bambooqing’s sites, tools, or services. The site may include links to third-party sites that are independently owned or not regulated by bambooqing. bambooqing has no regulation over, and assumes no accountability for, the content, practices, or procedures of any third-party sites. In addition, bambooqing will not and does not have the ability to restrict or edit the subject matter of any third-party site. By utilizing the site, you definitively relieve bambooqing from any and all accountability arising from your utilization of any third-party website. Your use of and admission to such sites, functions, services, and solutions are conditional to each and every condition, agreement, or policy pertinent to them. Accordingly, we recommend you to be cognizant when you depart the site and to review the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy, of every additional website that you view.

5. Capability to Accept Terms of Agreement

You assert that you have the capability to accept every term in, and referenced to, this Agreement. Namely, you are either at least 18 years old, or a minor who has been emancipated, or possess the consent of a legal parental or guardian, and are fully capable and competent to commence into the terms, conditions, bonds, affirmations, representations, and promises declared in this Agreement, and to accept by and acquiesce with this Agreement.

You have supplied, will maintain, and will immediately update authentic, current, and total registration information, which includes but is not limited to, your full, legal name, home address, and telephone number.

You affirm that you are the certified endorser of any charge or credit account that you are utilizing to pay any bambooqing Fees, and you will not cancel or dispute charges to such an account. Should you or anyone else cancel or dispute charges that were obtained through your account, you comply that bambooqing may recoup payment at your obligation.

Collection and Taxes. Every Fee, Tax and additional cost will be charged to your credit card at the current conversion rate for international currency. You will be accountable for and will pay bambooqing all charges for currency conversion, value-added, sales, use, individual property or other tax, tariff or any levy, including interest and fines thereon ("Taxes"),whether required now or after the fact by any governmental body.

You shall expeditiously pay bambooqing in the case of any rejection of your credit card company to pay any total to bambooqing for any reason. You comply to pay interest at the amount of 4.25% monthly on any overdue balance, combined with costs of compilation, which include fees and costs for attorneys. In the case that you neglect to pay any total in advance, bambooqing may suspend or abolish this Agreement immediately, in addition to your access to the site.